Information on Breast Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

The main cause of the death among women is only cancer. The exact cause of the cancer is yet unknown. Usually it is diagnosed by the formation of lumps but it is not necessary that every lump may be cancerous only. Even the symptoms of the cancer are also not very clear. Usually there are no symptoms in the early breast cancer. But the look and the feel of the breast changes as there is a growth in the tumor. Some common changes include –

1. There is a lump or thickening in underarm area or near the breast.
2. There is a change in the shape or size of the breast.
3. The direction of the nipple turns inward in the breast.
4. Some discharge of fluid from the nipple. If the discharge is bloody then it is more risky.
5. Dimpling or puckering in the skin of the breast.
6. The skin on the breast becomes red, scaly or swollen skin. These 乳癌檢查 symptoms may even appear on the nipple or areola (dark area of skin at the center of the breast).

If any person is suffering from any of these symptoms then he or she may immediately contact to an expert of cancer so that the problem can be diagnosed and treated properly ion time.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

You can also get yourself checked with doctor even if you are not suffering from breast cancer. Doctors after asking some questions about personal and family recommend some clinical breast exams and mammograms to detect the cancer in the early stage. If cancer is detected in early stage then it can be treated properly.

Clinical breast exam- in this process the health care provider checks your breasts. They may ask you to raise your arms over your head or press your hands against your hips. The health provider observes the changed shape and size of the breasts. He also checks your breast if there is any rash, dimpling or other abnormal signs. To check the fluid of the nipple the health experts squeeze the nipple.

Mammogram is related with an x-ray picture of tissue inside the breast. It gives the result before any person can feel the lump. So it is advisable to get regular screening mammograms especially after 40 for the detection of breast cancer at early stage.

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