How Make Her Want You Like None Other

Erotic Massage… just the term itself sends little shivers of excitement and anticipation surging through the minds of most women. Here’s how you can totally knock your lover’s proverbial socks off and set the stage for some of the best sex of your life.

When it comes to lovemaking you would be amazed what a little well timed and performed massage can do to increase the pleasure and intimacy between you and your lover. In fact escort massage hong kong have you ever stopped to think about how many women have actually been seduced by a good massage?

More than you think, In fact it is so reliable that many “pickup and seduction guru’s” actually teach their students to use massage to get women sexually turned on and open to having sexual intercourse.

Why does that approach work so well?

Because One of the secrets to female orgasm is relaxation. In fact its a prime requisite for any woman to achieve orgasm.

If a woman is stressed out, tired, or uncomfortable during sex, she will never have an orgasm. In fact you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting an uptight cranky woman an orgasm… no matter how badly she may need it.


Make a woman feel calm, relaxed, and loved, and her chances of experiencing orgasm sky-rocket. So how exactly does one accomplish this often herculean task?

Well I’m glad you asked…

It’s no secret, (at least to women) that most women love to be pampered and an erotic massage is a romantic way to ensure that your partner enjoys the most pleasure possible from your sexual encounter.

So, light some candles, turn on some mood music, and get ready to let your fingers do the talking…

What is an Erotic Massage?

During an erotic massage the subject is usually naked, making it easier for the masseur to access all the right areas that will enhance sexual pleasure.

Erotic massage is usually used as a form of foreplay to encourage arousal and help with orgasm. But this form of massage may also be used as a way to help your female partner have an orgasm without intercourse

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