A Brief Guide to Getting Accepted Into the eBay Affiliate Program

eBay is one of the most lucrative affiliated programs and to become a member has become the ultimate goal to many affiliate marketers. However since 2008, eBay changed their application process, making it more difficult to become an eBay affiliate.

The playing field of affiliate marketing has changed radically over the past few years. Remember, a successful affiliate needs to have his or her website ranked highly with the major search engines. Two major role players in the internet have played their role in influencing the way forward for affiliate marketing. The search engine Google does not encourage the promotion of thin affiliate sites. Because of this, eBay only accepts about 10% of all applicants onto the program Black hat forum.

There are a few important areas you need to attend carefully to help you get approved into the eBay affiliate program.

Firstly you must own a website. Make sure that your website has a unique domain name and it should be hosted at a recognized hosting company as well. No freely hosted sites will be considered. Also the website must be based in the USA. The presence of a privacy notice is essential and is non-negotiable. Ensure that the website has sufficient content which is related to the eBay products you want to advertise. Some sources suggest at last 30 pages of relevant content. Your website home page should be accurate and your contacts page should have usable contact information and not just be a form. You also have to ensure that at the time of your application, no other affiliate advertising is present on your site. There is also a debate in progress if being an existing eBay member or not will increase your chances of being accepted onto the program.

If you have not been accepted onto the program, then email eBay and actively motivate them with concrete evidence from your site while you feel strongly that you should be on the program. Please do not join one of the”black-hat” forums. And do not reapply using the same site that was refused using the same IP number. Unfortunately eBay does not provide feedback if you were refused.

With this change in strategy, organizations such has eBay has forced affiliate marketers to view their operations more critically. To maintain a successful online business, entrepreneurs now have to ensure that they meet the operational requirements and rules set by these large organizations.

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