Stop Premature Ejaculation – My Story of Survival

Premature ejaculation is something that can tear at you week after week, affecting not only the relationship with your lover, but most likely preventing you from getting involved in a new relationship or even a one night stand. Some individuals have given up on sexual pleasures altogether because of a premature ejaculation problem. When things reach this level it’s time to put your game face on, become committed, and stop premature ejaculation.

My own personal experience with premature ejaculation was horrendous. I experienced both of the above, prevention from getting involved in a relationship literotica, and finally when a relationship did happen by chance, many months went by without having sex due to my inability and lack of confidence to stop premature ejaculation.

My problem is a very good example of how years can go by while, consciously or unconsciously, making the decision to not stop premature ejaculation, out of both ignorance and embarrassment. Knowing what I know now, it’s downright even more embarrassing to think I could have actually solved the problem within a week or two, if I would have simply taken action.

I started out with the inability to even get intimate with a woman through hugs, kisses and closeness. When our bodies (fully clothed mind you) would simply mesh together and we would begin to get intimate, I would simply and seemingly uncontrollably, explode. I look back and shutter at the thought of how I put up with my problem for so long. Eventually it took months before I could actually proceed further in our relationship, and even then it was as a pretty pathetic affair. While I was able to go further, it didn’t prevent the quick explosions to continue. Again months went by before I finally took action and made the commitment that I would stop premature ejaculation.

What I didn’t realize is the following very important bit of information: The longer you put off finding a solution to premature ejaculation, the worse it can actually get. Even if you are able to last a bit longer, basically you are still continually training your body to accept that this type of action is the norm. The body then becomes used to this, and hence it becomes harder to break the horrible habit. You then need to give your body a reason to stop premature ejaculation.

Part of my neglect not to stop premature ejaculation I can blame on the internet. Or that is, the lack of the internet. You see, during this time the net was still in its relative infancy. Internet cafe’s were just popping up, and amongst me and the guys, the whole computer and internet business was a bit too “foo-foo” for us. Little did we know the benefits it would later provide us.

I finally did get on the internet and quickly realized that all kinds of remedies for various problems of all kinds were easily available. Where as before it would require an expensive and embarrassing doctor appointment, now I could simply purchase a solution on the net, quickly and privately. But the downside was I had to sift through a lot of weird, wacky, and downright phony methods on how to stop premature ejaculation.

I researched hard on how to stop premature ejaculation for weeks and these were the conclusions of my findings:

1. The quick fix pop a pill route was bogus. I learned from message boards and testimonials that simply popping a pill was not a rational, workable, solution. The medicine just didn’t seem to be there yet, and instead there were a lot of snake oil potions being peddled.

2. There are temporary solutions. I discovered that temporary stop premature ejaculation solutions did exist and could be used to get me through a night, until I learned and practiced long term solutions. This definitely wasn’t the ultimate solution, but it was comforting to know I had a few mental tricks I could stick in my back pocket if the situation arose.

3. The real solutions were in the form of technique and exercise. I came to understand that I needed to essentially re-train my body in order to stop premature ejaculation. To do this I needed to perform some simple exercises. These could be performed virtually anywhere, and despite a lot of stop premature ejaculation contraptions out there, one was not required. It was essentially following a good program and doing the exercises in the proper manner which led to my long term success to stop premature ejaculation.

My story is I’m sure only one of thousands, and I suspect there are worse cases with long term sufferers still not having made a decision to finally stop premature ejaculation. The important thing to remember is that the pay off in the end is hugely rewarding. Such an enormous burden was lifted from me, thus enabling a flurry of brand new confidence I had never experienced before to enter my life, leading to many, many, new attractions and relationships.

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