Just How Do You Find Backlinks For Your Website?

The task of trying to find backlinks to your website would be an enormous thing to do if you will be looking for them all by yourself. Actually, there are different applications in the market that could help you find backlinks but the best way to gain some is by giving value to your visitors and hope that your content will go viral – allowing your visitors to link to your site. If your website has good quality content and high relevance to searches done online, there is a great possibility that backlinks will be made. If the number of backlinks is really high, then there is a great chance that you will gain readership and enormous traffic and this will help your site rank in the search engines.

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It might be very surprising to find so many backlinks coming from different websites just a month after setting up your site. On a personal account, it has happened to me. A site that I promoted had only 95 backlinks and because of the small amount of backlinks, it didn’t gain much traffic buy high quality backlinks. The one that surprised me is a simple blog site that has only 5 pages of content but because of the backlinks that it has, it gained more readership than my former website. It has 255 backlinks and maybe 200 or so of them comes from different high PR websites. I was baffled and didn’t really know where the links were coming from. I simply put up content that I thought would give value and interest to my readers and after a month, my website went viral thus allowing my site to gain countless backlinks.

In finding your backlinks, it is quite difficult to do so without the use of an application or a backlink checker. Usually webmasters find backlinks through their competitors by sneaking through backdoor methods. This is where backlink checkers come in handy. This would allow you to find backlinks of well-known websites or high PR websites through your competitors. It will give you an advantage in order to get better backlinks than them and thus ranking higher in the search engines. You will also have the opportunity to compare and probably make conclusions on what you find out about the backlinks.

Always remember that backlinks are very important in promoting your site. Backlinks could actually help you gain readership, PR ranking and search engine rankings if you get the right backlinks for your website. If you give value to your readers then there is big chance that your website can go viral thus increasing your chance to gain backlinks from different websites.

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