Dress Up in Designer Girls Dresses for Everyday Glamour

Designer girls clothing tend to mirror some of the biggest trends for adults each season. Girls clothing can combine some of the most fun looks off the runway with simple, feminine styles that are timeless for girls. Girls dresses can take them from the school day to a holiday party with their parents or a day spent playing inside in style and comfort.

Priyanka Chopra Steps 'Into a Better Future' With Polka Dot Dress, See  Photos

Bold looks such as faux fur and animal prints are everywhere for winter 2010 and will be seen on mothers and daughters alike. For young girls, these are fun styles that have lots of attitude and are fun to wear. Dresses with faux fur edging or in bright neon animal prints are especially daring choices swing dress .

Polka dots are another fun look that is everywhere this winter. Black and white polka dots are classic, while bright coloured pink or purple polka dots can be a great attention-getting look. Polka dot dresses are a great blend of funky style and elegant glamour.

Girls love flowers and bright three-dimensional flowers are finding their place on dresses for the winter. A bold colored flower stands out on the shoulder of a sweater dress or a more formal, designer dress for a party. Beads, sequins, and sparkles are also fun ways for girls to dress up for the holidays. Consider a sparkly black dress paired with bright coloured leggings and ankle boots.

Winter is a great time for girls to experiment with brightly coloured or patterned tights. Tights not only keep legs warm during the colder weather, but can be a stylish addition to any outfit. Bright colours like vibrant teal blue or neon purple have been appearing more and more on the runway in recent seasons and are the perfect trend for young girls to embrace. Thick patterned tights with woven patterns, stripes, or knit designs can also be both practical and fun for girls.

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