Concrete Piles Installation

The purpose for the introduction of concrete piles as a component of the Los Angeles County’s highway construction is two-fold. First, it simplifies the job of clearing the snow and ice from the median of the express lanes on the busy highways. Second, it makes concrete work easier by reducing the amount of time needed for the digging of the holes and pouring them into place. The first two objectives are achieved by using the steel posts that are concrete piles. The third objective is achieved by having the work done faster, thus saving time and money.

Foundation of Civil Engineering : Pile foundation - Classification

Concrete Piles Installation provides an excellent solution to two major problems faced by local highway departments. The first problem encountered is how to keep the snow and ice from moving onto the express lanes in the case of an emergency. This is a very serious problem because the longer the ice sits on the road, the more damage it can do. In addition to this, it also increases the risk for accidents because the traffic will be traveling at a slower speed. To deal with this, the Los Angeles County Department of Transportation has established a procedure for clearing and grading through its contractors dich vu ep coc be tong

The second problem encountered is the amount of money needed to perform the highway construction job. Since most Los Angeles highways are located in urban areas, it is not feasible to perform the work consisting of clearing and grading by hand. The method that they use is to use heavy excavating equipment and mechanized equipment like the skid-stepping snow pile, the diamond blade snow shovel and the skid-stepping boom. Skid-stepping snow pile and diamond blade snow shovel are using to clear an approximately 25-foot wide path that extends from the pavement to a distance of four feet or more from the edge of the roadway. When this distance is greater, then the contractor will use a higher level of concrete skids.

The third problem encountered during the Los Angeles County highway construction project is the amount of time needed to complete the job. Most people living in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles are required to have car licenses before they are allowed to drive on any local roads. For those people, it means that they would need to get their vehicle’s license after purchasing a house in the city. This entails a lot of time and effort.

Another major issue that was encountered during the Los Angeles County highway construction project involves the problems caused by the overcrowding of streetcars. Because of the height of the asphalt paving, overcrossing of the roads is inevitable. In order to prevent the traffic problems caused by the overpasses, a temporary sidewalk is put in place and an electric signal light is used to indicate the direction of the pedestrian flow.

As you can see from the examples above, there are a lot of issues that must be resolved before the pavement can be paved. A lot of preparation must go into the process of laying a new pavement before the pavement can be cleared and grubbed. A major factor that must be considered is the amount of money that has to be spent in order to achieve a good quality of installation. The amount of money that would be spent for the installation of the asphalt pavement in Los Angeles can be compared to the cost of an average movie ticket. Therefore, the money saved on the part of the public should be considered as a form of investment for the benefit of the community.

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