Want to Learn Chinese? The Oldest Online Chinese Want to Learn Chinese? The Oldest Online Chinese Language Learning Software

QQ online is among the most popular instant messaging platforms in China. It lets members around the world to communicate to each other via custom-made voice and video chats. However, despite its widespread popularity, it still lacks certain basic features that all online chat services should have. One example is the QQ local function. This allows you to chat with other QQ members while you are in China.

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Before this enhancement to online chatting, QQ offered limited features for its users. You could only upload a small number of pictures, create and edit videos, chat with some Chinese people over the IM or OMS (Online Message Service), and send text messages to other QQ members. Now, with the addition of the local function, you can use these various features to access the Chinese conversation benefits that they provide. This means that you get more out of your QQ experience. It is worth exploring.

The local function allows you to create custom images with the new QQ Live Wallpapers. If you are like most Chinese people who use QQ, you probably use different default wallpapers on your PC. While those are nice to have, you may want to change your wallpaper often. If you are using the English version, you will be pleased to know that you can set the new wallpaper of your choice to appear as the default image in your chat log. All you have to do is click on the “qs profile” icon located at the bottom left corner of your computer’s desktop. Here you will find several icons which allow you to change your default desktop image and change it to the English version of your QQ Live Wallpaper.

Since English is not readily available for the Chinese population, a helpful tool has been provided by the chat application – the Deni Online Language Dictionary. You can search through the dictionary by selecting “English (naan guo)”. This will give you a list of words in English, including meanings and synonyms, as well as provide you with an exhaustive list of Chinese terms. To make English translation easier, the Deni Online Language Dictionary includes audio pronunciations of common Chinese terms. You can also find several cute sayings in English, such as “you are beautiful”, “you are cool”, “this is not a bad place to be” and many others.

The other feature of the Deni Online Language Dictionary is its dictionary of Chinese phrases. The phrase book includes one entry for the idiomatic quotation seen in the English version of the show, which translates into the phrase “You can’t keep a secret.” This is just an example of the many millions of possible phrases that can be translated using the Mempuncte Language Selection.

The Deni Online Language Dictionary and the Dictionary of Chinese Politeness both provide excellent material for beginners who wish to learn basic Chinese phrases and improve their speaking and writing skills using the English version. They also serve as excellent learning tools for conversational Chinese language experts and people who need to quickly check a sentence’s completeness or correctness. After all, no one wants to waste their time translating a single word! The online chatting environment becomes even more enjoyable when you can interact with native Chinese speakers using the appropriate expressions and verbal cues.

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