Decorating With a Silk Euro Sham

Silk European pillow shams can be used to create a decadent feel in any room. Layers of sumptuous silk pillows in varying sizes will set a luxurious tone to any bed ensemble. The sheen of the material has long been a decorators secret for effortlessly creating a rich and polished look. A quick browse through fine home decor magazines can provide home decorators with endless ideas of how best to use different shades and tones to create a contrasting or complimentary look in a room. Grey Gray Luxury Silk Bedding Set. Include Silk Duvet Cover,  Silk Pillow Sham and Silk Fitted Sheet. Satin Silk, Silk Blend Fabric. No  Comforter or Duvet Insert Included. King Size. :

Long prized for it’s regal appearance, silk is a natural protein fiber, most often obtained from the cocoons of the Mulberry Silk worm Pure Silk Bedding. Silk’s trademark shimmering sheen is due to the triangular structure of the fiber. The triangular composition of the cloth makes it possible for the light to be refracted at different angles, giving the fabric the illusion of producing different colors.

A silk European pillow sham, like most Euro shams, typically measures 26″ x 26″. This large square pillow makes a wonderful base for a layering of pillows in various sizes. These large square pillows can be used as a backrest when reading in bed or for watching television. The decorative pillows are generally removed from the bed before sleeping.

Unlike a standard pillowcase, a silk European sham typically has an opening in the middle of the back of the case, allowing it to be inserted into the covering. The easiest way to cover a pillow with a Euro sham is to insert one side of the pillow into the sham before sliding the other side into it. The sham features overlapping fabric in the center of the back to provide full coverage of the inner pillow. The method of enclosing it from the center, rather than from one end as with a typical pillowcase, allows for a more uniform finished look and makes it easier to match all four corners of the pillow to the corners of the sham.

Silk European shams can be found in a spectacular array of colors, textures, patterns and styles. Choose a demure palate to compliment a soothing mood, or choose a bold pop of color to create a festive feel. Shopping for and choosing silk European pillow shams to customize a room’s decor can be a wonderful way to personalize a special room or create a welcoming feel to a bedroom, and is sure to make your bed stand out in the room looking special and unique.

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