Vivo V21 – A Review of the Popular Handset

Overview. The Vivo V21is a high-end smartphone that provides sleek looks with its gorgeous ultra-slim physical design, which includes a curved slim design for the back camera lens. It features a front dual-camera, a 6. Manifest touch screen, a heart rate monitor, an MP4 camera with Odomni dual cameras and an internal memory of two months worth of apps and more. With high-end technologies inside, it provides ultimate user control with an elegant physical design that goes beyond a modern smartphone Vivo V21 . It has been loaded with several premium features, all of which are aimed at providing convenience and great performance.

This post contains the complete camera setup of the vivo v 21. The video shows the whole action, starting from the moment when the man walks out of the camera shop to the point when he is handed the cellular phone. At the end, there is a summary of the activity, showing the time and date that has been taken and the number of photos taken.

Camera setup. The total camera set up consists of the following elements: The vivo v 21 has a rear camera of the normal type, but has a small one that can be easily adjusted. This adjustment can be done using the notification LED and the on-screen tap mechanism. A high resolution rear camera and a zoom lens of the normal type are also present. As a result of which, the total photograph is not only a high resolution one, but also contains a soft focus.

The device has a spacious memory space with a low noise reduction. There is also a SIM card bay with an insert that facilitates the use of the cellular phone of your choice. The total of the memory space is 8GB ram powered by the popular but very old and widely used Samsung MSM8500 chip, which is one of the best amongst all the mobile phones.

Memory. The Vivo V 21 boasts a large memory of up to 64GB, which makes it perfect for those who want a powerful smartphone. As compared to other smartphones available in the market, this one comes with a high density memory, where each cell is given its own bandwidth to store data. This gives the user plenty of space to upload new pictures and videos.

Hardware. The body of the smartphone has a soft touch feel, including the buttons, the volume controls and the capacitive navigation keys. On the contrary, the front face of this smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, which is a great addition to the device. It also has an eye-catching design with a dual camera and 90hz dual pulse motorola driven by an impressive octa-core processor. The connectivity options of this smartphone are quite amazing with support for TDMA, GSM, CDMA, and HSDPA.

Rear camera and its features. The rear camera of the vivo v 21 is made from a single glass piece with two optical lenses and one laser lens to capture clear pictures. The picture quality is good and there are some low level issues here and there, but this feature does make the Vivo V 21 worth purchasing, especially when one considers the price at $400.

Performance. The battery life of the vivo v 21 is average when compared with other phones in the market and it lasts for about 7.5 hours, although this may vary depending on the usage and the condition of the device. The feature rich yet cheap handset comes with a dual SIM tray that allows the user to have two active sims and offers a convenience of slotting in the insert card with the help of an adaptor. The large flash charge and headphone jack allow the user to enjoy the maximum amount of entertainment features available with the handset.

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