Anniversary Gifts By Year: The Complete Guide For The Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries have been celebrated since the ancient times and the giving of traditional gifts for a particular year has been the practice to use it as a symbol to determine how long the couple has been together. The longer the couple has been married, the more precious the corresponding symbol to signify the strength of the relationship.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated each year by the couple to remind them why they have decided to get married. It is the time to reminisce all those years and be proud with what they have gone through. In a married life, it is love for each other that makes the relationship grow stronger and it is normal to face trials, sacrifices, bad times and temptations, but on the other side, there are happy moments, sweetness for each other, sharing, affection and continuous longing for each other.

If you are looking for something to give for a wedding anniversary whether you are the husband, wife, child, friend of the couple, the modern or traditional gift list will guide you to decide what to give for a particular year.

An ideal first anniversary gift is a framed photo from the wedding of the couple. It will be delightful to place it beside the bed. It is a constant reminder how precious the marriage is. A scrapbook full of pictures of the wedding is a unique gift which can be kept and treasured for the many years to come. My parents have been married for 42 years before my father passed away How to Be Guided in the Present Moment . A scrap book of their wedding makes my mother recollect the happy memories during the wedding.

For the second year of anniversary, new cotton bedding will be a warm gift. Comfortable bedding is the one of the most precious thing one can ever have. For me, I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world. A sound sleep is associated with peace and happiness. An island large cotton rope hammock will rock your world. It is perfect to accommodate two people. It can be utilized for taking a nap, reading or anything that is associated with relaxation.

For the fifth year, a wooden music box is a harmonious gift. Such a gift will be a treasure for years and unbeatable as a household decoration. The antique design is a collector’s item for its historic appeal.

For the tenth year, home baked cookies in an antique cookie tin and will make a complete gift. Homemade cookies are very hard to resist. It makes you want to go back home and brings back the aroma of Grandmother’s recipe. An antique cookie tin and coffee and tea tin are also popular to use during Christmas. Both are nice collectibles which increases in value year after year. The antique cookie tin and the coffee and tea tin will make a perfect combination and will look good in the dining room.

For the twentieth year, you can impress your wife by giving her platinum. It’s worth the gift. For two decades, you have been together and you have experienced all the possible things that can be said.

For the silver wedding anniversary or the 25th year, finding the perfect gift you might think is a hard but the best silver anniversary gifts for both the man and the woman can be found online. For the man, silver cologne that comes with the silver bottle will make a fragrant gift. It will make your man smelling good always.

For the woman, silver earrings will make your wife sport that wide smile up to her ears. Another gift that should be sweet is chocolate. Who could resist the yummy goodness of chocolate especially if the quality is the best and comes with a very presentable package? The Ten Little Boxes of Love from HotelChocolat is a big surprise. Why? Of course, after all those years your thoughtfulness is still intact. It is even getting better each year. Your wife might to cry after opening the box of your sweet surprise.

For the 40th wedding anniversary, Ruby is the gift for both the traditional and modern anniversary gift list. Each of the spouses deserves nothing but the best. After all those 4 wonderful decades, it is just right to give one what he and she truly deserve.

A Ruby stud ring for the husband and a Ruby ring for the wife is a perfect for the very memorable day. A flower associated for the 40th wedding anniversary, Nasturtium, meaning patriotism, conquest is a flourish as a gift and could go along as a present with the ruby jewelry for you have certainly become victorious in all the trials that came your way.

For the 50th wedding anniversary or the golden, each spouse really deserves to shine during The Big One. For being together for a half a century, a spouse would absolutely want to give the other partner only the best that the world can offer. Nothing can beat a gold locket with photo from the wedding day for each spouse. There is no other way to celebrate The Big One or The Golden One than to hark back to all those wonderful years after the wedding day.

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