Does Massage Fit Into Your Workplace?

More and more companies are bringing massage into the workplace. Although at first it seems like a major investment in time, money and space, they’re discovering that those costs are far outweighed by the benefits they’re seeing in reduced employee stress, as well as increased morale and productivity.

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If you’re wondering why so many companies are finding ways to fit massage therapy into the workplace, read on for the answers to some common questions:

Why would a company bring in a service reserved mostly for the spa and for sports teams?

Although massage therapy really can feel like a luxury, the benefits go far beyond pampering or sports injury therapy. One of the major benefits is stress relief, which also happens to be a major cause of workplace absenteeism.

These days it seems as though everyone is stressed, particularly with the way the economy has been in the past year or so. Our bodies are designed to react to that stress by either fight or flight; in other words, we’re programmed to burn off stress with physical activity 오피톡 . As the stress occurs, the hormonal system kicks into action: insulin is secreted to open up pathways to the muscular system; and cortisol, the protection hormone, is secreted. Next, the digestive system diverts blood from the intestines to your muscles; and your liver diverts blood to the muscles and secretes blood sugar. All for the anticipated exertion.

Sydney Australia is a hub for massage and physical therapies. For anyone looking for massage therapy, Sydney is an excellent place to be. A number of good massage centers and spas are available which provide massage modalities of many different kinds. These massages are good for relaxation and also as a therapy for various body conditions. Different parts of the world have different forms of massage techniques. Each one has a specific technique to it and is unique in its own way. Relief from stress, tension and certain kinds of ailments is something that many people hope to receive through massage. In this article I’ll write about three styles of massage therapy available in Sydney.

Reflexology is a massage therapy Sydney offers in many of its massage centers. The technique is so old that certain ancient civilizations even practiced it. It has been popularized in the west thanks to the efforts of a few modern physicians. In reflexology, certain reflex points and zones exist in the hands and feet that correspond to various organs and other parts of the body. Reflexology aims to treat ailments in the body through the placing of mild pressure on these regions. Through this technique, patients suffering from acute as well as chronic health conditions are able to get relief. Every session normally lasts for about 45 minutes and several sessions might be needed for treating certain health conditions.

Thai massage is another massage therapy Sydney has to offer its visitors. Certain places in Sydney provide traditional Thai massage. The fascinating thing about this kind of massage is that the Thai women are sometimes so small in stature but are still able to manipulate even people of great size through their massage. By the use of massaging on pressure points and stretching to relax the muscles, this eastern form of massage provides excellent relief from stress. The nervous system of the body is also strengthened by proper breathing techniques employed during the massage. The rejuvenating and soothing effect of the massage has made it a favorite among different parts of the world. It could however be a little difficult to spot a real traditional Thai massage center, as they do not always advertise their services like other commercial massage centers. Most of the advertising is through word of mouth. So you might need to ask locals to advice you on where to go for the best Thai massage.

Sports massage is another massage therapy Sydney provides its visitors. Sporting activities can cause a lot of strain and even injury in the joints and muscles of the body. Since sportsmen need to be in good shape for their sporting events, they need therapy to keep their bodies fit. Sports massage is a therapeutic form of massage to relax and heal the strained or injured muscles in the body. Apart from sportsmen, other people who lead an active and more adventurous form of lifestyle can also benefit from sports massage.

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