Canadian Drug Stores

Drug stores are places where medications are bought. Originally, drug stores had qualified doctors who not only provided health check-ups and prescribed medicine, but also made the medications. Present-day drug stores just sell medication. There are some drug stores, however, that provide other services such as: lab services, medical clinics, health screenings, classes and events, counseling by pharmacists, medication refills, arranging seminars and lectures. In Canada, a prescription is necessary for buying medicine from a drug store. There are also some ‘over-the-counter’ drugs that can be sold without a prescription. There are also chain drug stores in Canada. These include pharmacies at grocery stores and super markets.

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Canadian drug stores often provide drugs at lower prices than American pharmacies. They offer special discounts as high as 80%. This is because the Canadian government regulates the prices of drugs. These include brand name and generic prescriptions for the drugs Tris Promethazine Codeine . American citizens can also place drug orders in Canadian drug stores. Their prescriptions would be reviewed by a Canadian pharmacist before the order is processed. Since Canadian drugs are of the same quality, potency, and purity as American drugs, many Americans are now placing their orders at Canadian drug stores.

There are also online and mail order Canadian drug stores. They require a valid prescription which would be reviewed by an intermediary. Orders can be placed for up to 90 days of medication. The medicines are shipped directly to the applicant’s home. Narcotics and other controlled substances are not sold. Medicine can be ordered online by just selecting the drug’s name from a list, and specifying the strength, quantity, and form. A simple click of the button will confirm the order.

Unlike the United States, Mexico’s health care laws are not very strict, as a result of which most pharmacy owners buy and sell drugs, with the exception of narcotics, without any authentication or proof.

The drug and pharmaceutical industry in Mexico faces a variety of problems of which Internet cheats and duplicate preparations are the most threatening issues. Medicines that are easy to obtain are often fake and place the user at a high degree of risk.

On the other hand, Mexican drug stores offer secure buying procedures, original brand medicines and affordable prices, unique features that help them offer the best possible medicines to the Mexican public

Mexican drug stores offer generic drugs manufactured by branded companies such as Ranbaxy, Cipla, Wellace, Pfizer, Glaxo, Merck, Novartis, and Aventis. These standard drugs may cost a little bit more, but in the long run, cut your costs enormously when the long term health repercussions of duplicate drugs is taken into account.

As a result of the Canadian government’s involvement with Mexican drug stores, most brand medicines are available at easy-on-the-pocket rates. The retail minimum amount is controlled by the Canadian government.

Like many Americans, it seems that every time I check my e-mail my inbox is cluttered with a dozen unsolicited messages from web sites peddling Viagra, Cialis, OxyContin, and any number of other potent medications “without a prescription.”

Ordering prescription medications online can be a safe, affordable, and easy way to have your prescriptions filled. More and more Americans are using the Internet legally to fill prescriptions. Unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of internet-based pharmacies are questionable at best, and it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate operators.

On September 21, 2005, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration issued a news release to provide the public with information about how to buy medications online safely.

According to the DEA, the only safe way to obtain a prescription to order from a legitimate online site is to first have a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. He or she will take the necessary steps, to include a physical examination and any tests, to properly diagnose your aliment and prescribe appropriate medications. With a valid prescription from your doctor, you can fill, or refill in many cases, a prescription for a Controlled Substance over the Internet.

Many online pharmacies–and the sources of the drugs they sell—are controlled by individuals operating overseas. That means they may not meet U.S. FDA standards for purity and safety. Consumers utilizing these foreign pharmacies have no idea where the drugs they order originate, if they contain safe ingredients, and if they are what you think they are.

Consumers may think they are dealing with a legitimate doctor as they order drugs on the Internet. In some cases, patients are asked to fill out a questionnaire that is approved by a “doctor.” These forms do not constitute a medical exam, and they do not represent a valid doctor/patient relationship. Any doctor who enables you to buy products online without a valid prescription is breaking the law. He or she can be arrested and lose the ability to practice medicine.

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