Paint Zoom Adds a New Dimension of Affordability to the Power Paint Sprayer

Cold weather has arrived and the ability to thoroughly enjoy outdoor endeavors has greatly diminished until the re-emergence of warmer weather. During this yearly period many individuals choose to take care of their outstanding home projects so that they can optimize the “down time” produced by the season. It is fortunate that the technology we use to perform home maintenance is continually advancing since these developments enable individuals to obtain optimal results while being delivered an unmatched level of efficiency and savings. The Paint Zoom is one such advancement and enables the consumer to obtain the professional painting results of an industrial paint sprayer at a fraction of the price. Painting tools like the Paint Zoom introduce an unparalleled level of convenience to any DIY home painting project and ensures that users obtain professional results while greatly slashing the expense typically associated with painting activities.

Paintings - Interwood

This painting tool is an amazing invention that provides the exact functionality of commercial sprayers while incorporating ease into the design. This convenient design ensures that any person, no matter their painting skill, is able to receive stunning results without difficulty KAWS HOLIDAY SPACE – GOLD . Of course, with the Paint Zoom, the painter is also able to enjoy the extra benefits associated with power paint sprayers. By using the Paint Zoom power sprayer one is able to drastically reduce messes and the time expended for each painting project since it removes dependence on archaic painting tools and their accompanying pitfalls. Other highly acclaimed features incorporated into the design, that are definitely worth mentioning, are the patented “no drip” functionality and its capacity to double the coverage of each can of paint in comparison to traditional brush and roller painting methods.

Just like other popular power paint sprayers, this compact sprayer can be used with every type of varnish, paint or stain. In addition, it can also be used for painting any surface you choose to paint- which ensures that you are getting a tool that will be able to consistently meet the demands for any project which may arise. In comparison to other power paint sprayers, the Paint Zoom offers enhanced portability and extreme affordability. Matter in fact, one interested in buying the Paint Zoom can currently take advantage of the exclusive offer being extended to all online purchases.This online promotion enables the consumer to buy the Paint Zoom Power Sprayer at contractor pricing and also includes free complimentary painting accessories(valued at 25 dollars). If an individual has made the decision to buy the Paint Zoom then it is highly advised that they maximize their investment by getting the extra bonuses and price reduction that is currently accompanying all online purchases.

Each year sees the introduction of new, sophisticated paint finishes such as solid emulsion, one-step gloss, environmentally friendly ‘green’ paints, and tough sheens for kitchens and bathrooms. But which one is right for the job?

With all these distinct and confusing products available on the market, it may perhaps be a relief to know that you can find only two major kinds of house paint: water-based, and solvent-based, which is traditionally, if not accurately, known as oil-based paint.

Water-based paints consist of emulsion, quick-drying eggshell and water based gloss, solvent-based paints range from traditional eggshell and gloss to durable sheen finishes and specialist lacquers or paints for metal. Some paints could have added ingredients such as vinyl acrylic or polyurethane to make them more durable or to increase coverage – but that doesn’t alter their fundamental composition.

Water based paints are perfect for walls and water-based eggshell or gloss can be employed for most interior woodwork, although solvent-based paints are perfect for areas of tough wear – exterior as well as interior wood, and metal.

Emulsion or Enamel/Gloss Based?
Find out if paint is water-based or solvent-based by reading the instructions given for thinning. If water is recommended, the paint will likely be water-based, if white spirit is advised then it’s solvent-based.

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