How to Choose the Best Suitcase for That Perfect Holiday

So you have all your clothes laid out ready to be packed into your suitcase but which one do you decide to choose? During transit your suitcase will take a lot of scuffs and beating getting thrown from luggage carousel to luggage carousel. A broken suitcase during your holiday will cause mayhem so it’s important to invest in a good quality one which can withstand a large amount of abuse. So how do you determine which suitcase suits your need best?

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Decide on the size and weight of luggage you will be taking, have you paid for just carry-on luggage or have you paid for your suitcase to be placed in the holdall? For popular weekend trips a small-medium sized big will suffice electric suitcase . If you will be using this suitcase often then it would be ideal to get a hard case which will withstand those scuffs are be durable. Though hard cased suitcases are generally heavier so it’s important you chose a roller model. If you are taking a carry-on suitcase then it’s fine being a soft-sided slip case which is ideal and squashy. If you do decide to purchase a soft luggage suitcase then make sure to check the ‘denier’ so it’s durable. Generally the higher the ‘denier’ rating the better it will fair during transit.

Modern suitcases now generally come with lots of different compartments inbuilt so to keep you organised. Take full advantage of all these cubby holes and compartments by loading them with interrelated items. Often inside the main holdall section there is a clear plastic layer which is intended for travel documents. An important tip is that you should never place anything in your suitcase which is fundamental to the holiday. All those important passports and plane tickets should stay packed in your personal items in your carry-on luggage.

Like most things in life, with suitcases, you get what you pay for. Sometimes it pays to go for a model which is a bit more expensive but which will serve you for a longer duration of time whilst being more sophisticated and durable. When selecting a suitcase it’s important that you pay special attention to the rollers you want them to be centred and not far apart otherwise the suitcase will be suspect to tipping over when going over uneven ground. It’s also a good idea to choose one with heavy-duty zippers because cheaper suitcases are notorious for poor quality zippers.

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